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May 14, 2009

Are Bad Guys Really More Attractive? – Every good man and woman who knows she should make better choices, should watch some episodes of HBO’s “No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency”.

The stories are based on Alexander McCall Smith’s charming novels about life in Botswana.

In one, Precious, our heroine, becomes engaged to her mechanic boyfriend, a really good man who gives his time and money to the town’s orphanage.

Precious once been married to Note, a tall, handsome trumpet player, who beat her up when she was pregnant and had caused her to lose her baby. He is a bad man.

On her engagement day to the mechanic, Precious learns that her ex is coming to town to perform. When he calls, she agrees to see him.

Her really bad ex reminds her that they had never officially been divorced and asks for money in return for keeping the secret.

Before agreeing to the terms of his blackmail, Precious (a lady detective) does some research and happily discovers that her ex had been married to someone else and that technically she had never been his wife, after all.

The mechanic, a fine, but much less flashy kind of guy, is learning to be more assertive. He suggests they go to Note’s performance and face her “demons.”

At the concert, the band plays with no sign of the ex-husband..

Precious goes backstage and finds him in his dressing room, stoned. She spots his heroine, and reveals to him that she knows their “marriage” had been a fraud.

She points to his trumpet and reminds him of his gift. “Get out there and show the people what you can do.”

Before she leaves, she hands him some cash. “This isn’t for drugs.”

Precious joins her mechanic at the table, takes his hand with a smile.

The ex comes out on stage, plays with grace and tells his fans that the mechanic is one lucky man. He is and she is lucky too.

Precious and the mechanic leave the show, hand in hand.

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