November 17, 2008

Someone I love sent me a Thanksgiving reminder.

The message was to remember to live each day, each hour, to the fullest. And to not put off the good stuff.

It didn’t exactly say to eat dessert first … but it was implied.

The message was full of encouragement to never save something for  special occasion. Break out the fancy china and crystal and enjoy it, it said.

And about the fancy lingerie my usband bought me last year. Take it out of the drawer, it said., and out of the pretty pink tissue paper.

I got stuck on this last part… and not because I don’t like pretty lingerie.

Gentleman: Unless your woman is in Victoria Secret model-shape …. and you are clear that she knows it too, do not not buy her lingerie this holiday season. Good chance she won’t appreciate it and if you see it on her body even once, consider yourself lucky.

My Thanksgiving reminder told the story of a man, whose wife had just died, and who was preparing her clothes he needed to take to the funeral parlor. Along with other things, he included a silk paper wrapped gift he had bought her on their first trip to New York, some eight or nine years ago. He unwrapped the gift, staring at the box, the silk paper and the lingerie inside.

“She was was saving this for a special occasion… I guess this is it,” he said.

Men and women, even those who have lived lovingly together for long periods of time, often miss their others’  sensibilities in some important areas.

Ladies: Buy lingerie for yourself which makes you feel good. There is nothing sexier to a man than a woman who feels good about herself. Wrap up these purchases for yourself and put a gift tag on it addressed to him.

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